Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Writer's Song List

Lots of writer's need a muse to get started but some writer's just need a playlist to keep them going.

Because I have two younger children who need to be in bed at prime-time, I don't have the luxury of listening to music most of the time when I write. But I do on occasion get the chance to, like during the summer when they can stay up a tad longer, weekends, and school breaks. And I have to makes it go down just a little bit easier.

For Valor of a Woman I had a decent mix that kept the story line in order for me and I kept it on loop. Now occasionally I would need a break and hit my dance mix just to even things out. But the following songs and artists are the ones I used for the most part and I have to admit I probably listened to the following songs more than a hundred times each. Mind you I haven't heard many of these since, but when I occasionally catch one or two of these on the radio I have to smile as it takes me back to when I was writing the story.

Ingrid Michaelson's Take Me The Way I am
Train's  Hey Soul Sister also the remix version!
The Glee Cast's Version of  Poker Face
The ENTIRE soundtrack for Moulin Rogue
(OK I'm a sucker for mash-ups! But Elephant Love Medley ROCKS!)

These songs were on repeat for the two months it took me to bang out the first draft. For old times sake I had to go back and listen to all of these songs again while I wrote this.

Writer's vary on our muse's and what it takes to keep us going. This was just what I needed for this particular story. The next one that makes it this far, I'll definitely post the list for it as well!


Release date is August 17, 2012