Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heroes Versus Heroines...

Good evening!

Wow...its been over a year since I've touched this thing. Things have been crazy to say the least, but I will try to make a weekly appearance here. Reading back through the few I have made me giggle.

Anyway I was thinking this evening while standing out on the back porch, having an afternoon cigarette and watching the sun drift into the sunset about Walker's Run. The series that has been the biggest pain in my butt ever. It has been sitting for over a year. I opened the file about a month ago with the intention of rereading it and seeing what I thought I could do. Over a year since I've touched it, but its always on my mind.

The title of this little Blog tonight is called Heroes verses Heroines for a reason, I'm getting there I promise. I'm a tad long winded, so bare with me. We'll get there eventually.

The lead female character in Walker's Run is Casey Maynard. A high profile fashion photographer that is looking for a way out of the limelight. Walker's Run begins with her need to get away from everything and find a way to leave her old life behind. While many would think this has the makings of a strong female lead, I've been told it was the exact opposite. Casey was too calm and laid back and I needed to make her more of a bitch. Now mind you, the lead male character is calm and laid back...but there wasn't a complaint about that, for some reason its expected in romances for the women to be bold, maybe brash, but most definitely they have to be strong either mentally, morally, or just a plain bitch.

Kinda confused there.

It's okay for a male character to be calm, cool, and laid-back, but not the female. This is just something that's struck me as interesting and moreover I see it myself when I read others works. Now I have an interesting female character in the Walker's Run series that even branches into the Guardian Series. Amber is the ultimate take-over, cross-over character the very first Walker's Run it is Casey that is the female lead and I've been told in no uncertain terms she was kinda boring, LOL.

It just made me wonder why there was such a difference between the two. Its more commonly accepted for a male lead to be cool-headed where we expect the women to be bolder. I don't know...just something that has been kicking around in my head today.

Any thoughts on this lemme know!