Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Great news! Around midnight last night, I received the contract for Taming the Beat, it's the first in a spin off series from the Sanctuary novels, entitled The Guardian Chronicles. I'm truly excited and happy to call MuseItUp Publishing my home. This makes a total of seven contracts the company has extended to me. They have been nothing but absolutely professional and are a great group of people to work with.

So, I have Dream Walker, book III in the Sanctuary Series coming out June 20, 2014. Book four, Blind Walker will be coming in the fall. Book five, Jungle Walker in the winter. And now Taming the Beat, book I next spring 2015. I am excited beyond all means to be able to introduce these characters to everyone.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cover Reveal for Dream Walker, Book III in the Sanctuary Series

D R E A M W A L K E R, Book III in the Sanctuary Series...

It had been more than twenty years since he’d last seen his wife. Twenty years of searching with connections spanning from the military to the secret organization, The Guardians. Nothing. Forced to retire early from the military to take care of his two young children, Peyton Maynard did what he had to do to raise his young family.

Becoming a Guardian, policing paranormal, supernatural, and preternatural beings offered him the flexibility to be the hands-on father he needed to be. Blessed with the gift of precognitive dreams served him well, except where it came to Kit. He never saw her come into his life and never saw her leave. But she still haunted his dreams.

Kit had gone by a variety of names—hiding from a man with the connections her husband had was difficult. But to protect her family from her true identity, she had to leave. Pretending to be human in a world that wasn’t ready to accept her, Kit survived the only way possible.

Coming face-to-face once again with the love of her life was terrifying and bittersweet all at once. But could Kit overcome the abandonment issues of her children and fix what had been destroyed? Could she make them understand she’d left in order to protect them?

Was she ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep them and their secrets safe?

Coming June 2014

Dream Walker © 2014 by Mel Favreaux