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I was given the extreme pleasure of a beta read with this one...and fell totally in love. Once the book is released I will be giving my review. Danielle is one of my good friends, a highly talented author, and all around superwoman when it comes to jumping genres in her writing. 

But for now... I shall leave you with the blurb, excerpt, author info, and finally the awesome NEW cover!

After a particularly harsh break-up, Hannah Magnus decides to spend Christmas away from her Vancouver home, enjoying a little time for herself, and picking up the pieces of her broken heart. She crosses the border into Washington State and locates the idyllic cabin that will serve as her home for the next two weeks.

Mackenzie Dunlop is a man of action and reaction. A creation of his past and his profession. When he travels to the cabin he rented to stay in until the repairs on his house are complete, there is a surprise waiting...and Mac loathes surprises.

Thrown together in the least likely of circumstances, Mac and Hannah find solace in each other after a harrowing event. But the future holds no promise for either of them. Distance and circumstances stand in their way. Will love prevail? Or will Hannah and Mac remain two solitary souls sharing love and memories, living separate lives?
Using stealth afforded to him from years of tactical training, Mackenzie edged nearer to assess the threat. When he reached the steps of the tub, he knelt, eyes narrowed. He took a fortifying breath and pushed himself up slowly, powerful thighs raising him evenly and without pause or strain.
Creamy pale skin poked out from the rapids in the tub…belonging to a woman. His eyes widened as the swell of her cleavage was jostled by the streams of water. Though she had the appearance of an angel and not that of a hired hit-man – or rather, woman – Mac knew better. Evil knew no bounds, ignored prejudices, race, and gender.
After a moment’s thought, he settled himself on the edge of the tub and held the muzzle less than an inch from her temple. “Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing in my cabin?”
Her eyes flashed open and pink lips opened wide in shock. Tension slithered between them.
The woman’s eyes landed on his gun. Her lush body went stiff beneath the water, giving him a much clearer view of her naked form. God damn it. His cock throbbed against the fly of his jeans. No, not now! Not again!

**This is a newly rewritten and re-edtied version of Captive at Christmas being released by Titan**

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Review for Madness By Jas T. Ward

Review of Jas T. Ward’s Madness
By Mel Favreaux

An electrifying read that makes walking the fine grey line between good and evil, sexy as hell.

 I don’t like giving spoilers but I can tease. What does tesla, the grid, candy, the heavens, and hell have in common? You’ll definitely have to give this a read to find out.

 This story was a series opener where you’re introduced to the key players. Ward manages to bring the characters into the story in such a fashion that you feel an immediate connection with them. Instead of getting acquainted with strangers, it feels like meeting up with an old friend. Each new character is brought in with the same ease as the one before. They all line up and mesh in a way that is believable.

 I like being shown not just the strengths of a character but their weaknesses too. To be able to care, feel, and see both sides to witness something that is more than just words on a page.

 The main character’s intense passion for all things winds you up as a reader. You can almost feel the sugar rush, the chaotic vibration of raw, barely contained anger, and the pull of good versus evil.

 Overall, I found this to be a very interesting and entertaining read and I can’t wait for the next installment. I look forward to collecting this series.

Links to follow the author on Facebook:

The Facebook page for the series:


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Character Inspiration, Dual Interview with Danielle Taylor and Mel Favreaux!

Hilarity ensues when two author pals try to hold a dual interview over a live FB chat that literally spans three days. In the midst of cleaning up, fixing meals, being doting mother's, and in general being side tracked by pics of super hot guys and hairless kittens and more than 20 hours into it in total...

Part One is available for your perusal!

Part Two will be available on Monday 10/28/13! The second part gets a little meatier. 


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Ladies and gentlemen, swinging by on a stop on the 1NS Blog Tour...It is Stephanie Beck!!!

Happy Birthday Char—Wait, I mean 1NS!!

I love any reason for a celebration. I really do. Random Thursday? Let’s bake a cake and add sprinkles! Your birthday is in three weeks? Let me buy you coffee!

The 1 Night Stand series from Decadent Publishing is celebrating its 200th release. That’s a heckofan accomplishment. One series, 200 books, and an amazing following of readers. It’s a good thing. I’m thrilled to have number 8 in the series, Panties Optional. To have something in common with the amazing authors who write for the 1NS series is fantastic.

Happy 200th 1NS!! Here’s wishing you many, many more wonderful stories of love.

Enter To Win!
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All the best and happy reading,
Stephanie Beck

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Contract!

Good day everyone! I woke up to great news! MuseItUp Publishing has accepted the third book in the Sanctuary Series, Dream Walker. We're looking at the summer of 2014 for release!

Things have been moving exceptionally well with Walker's Run, the first in the series. I love hearing your messages, getting emails, and interacting on facebook with everyone. If you want to reach me, that is the place to do it!

Shadow Walker is currently in the edits stage and we're still looking for a release in the Spring as of right now. When I get into the second phase of edits I should have a date ready for everyone.

Currently, I am working on books four and five. I'm trying to make the books as close as possible for everyone.

Once more, thank you so much to everyone for your support!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching Up

I just finished my first round of edits for Shadow Walker, book two in the Sanctuary Series. I have to admit I have been overwhelmed with the response to Walker's Run. It is so good to hear directly from the readers about what my story has made them feel. It is all any author wants to hear.

In the mean time I am still waiting to hear back on Dream Walker, book three and am currently busting rump to get books four (Blind Walker) and five (Jungle Run) ready for submission. Yes there are a couple ideas floating around for a couple more Sanctuary stories.

But there is a little information I would like to give here as something to look forward to in each book. While Walker's Run is Casey and Braedyn's story, the Alpha couple, it doesn't end. In each story you get to see the Alpha's through another set of eyes. You still see their story progress since they are the central figures of the series. So to answer any questions floating around out there, no these are not standalone books. They can be read as such, but there will be spoilers of story lines and to get the entire scope, reading them in order is recommended.

Shadow Walker is due out in the Spring of 2014 and it is Amber's story. She will be another figure that is highly prominent through out the series and one everyone will enjoy. Highly likable in a no nonsense kind of way. After reading Walker's Run it has been a frequently asked question about when everyone will learn more about her. In the Spring, I promise.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to where things were currently sitting. Once I finish these two I have an idea for a sweet romance that has been pestering me for a bit. YES, I said sweet romance. Though knowing me...the sweet may get switched for erotic. It all depends on the characters and what they have to say.

Thanks everybody and happy reading!

Here are some links to pick up Walker's Run at various e-retailers!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thanks For Your Support!

I have to admit I am incredibly thankful for the outpouring of support for the Sanctuary Series.

I've had loads of emails and comments from people waiting for the next book.    - Shadow Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book II - will be out in the spring of 2014 and as soon as I have a release date I will definitely pass it along. The third book is currently under review at Museitup Publishing and I am plugging away at the fourth and fifth books as we speak. (I even have a spin-off Guardian series in the works and that first book is already 3/4's written.)

So I am busy trying to create the world of Walker's Run and I am so happy to have been able to share Braedyn, Casey, and the Silver Wolf's story with you. Trust me, there is plenty more to come.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Third Contract!

Wow in the midst of all the hoopla for the release of Walker's Run, I forgot to post about the contract for the sequel!

Yes!  Shadow Walker, A Sanctuary Novel: Book II is expected to be out in the Spring of 2014! I am currently waiting to hear back to see if the third has been accepted and in the process of writing books 4 and 5 too!

I am so excited to share with everyone the characters of Walker's Run. It's a great cast, if I say so myself. The characters are wide and varied, there should be a favorite in there for everyone!

So yes, there will be a sequel to Walker's Run in 2014! I will post the Unedited Blurb here for it now.

                                                                                  * * * *

Being the only Were-tiger in a predominantly Werewolf sanctuary wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but Amber Vaughn was glad to be able to rest easy. Emotionally and physically scarred from a traumatic childhood, her close relationship with the Alpha male and the incomparable bond she shares with his new mate, Casey, were unique.

In five years she’d gone from beat-down oppression to Braedyn Walker’s second in command. While not ruthless, her strength and speed had served their community well.

Coming to terms with years of emotional turmoil, she finds love. Something she’d never considered possible, in the arms of a Guardian, Dean Maynard, Casey’s brother. An officer who polices supernatural, paranormal, and preternatural beings. His job was to protect the world from beings like her.

While a relationship between a human and a Were could work, even when not designed by the fates. Dean is attacked by a werewolf and Amber’s newfound love is yanked from her grasp. There is no way the fates would condone a union between a tiger and a wolf.

Conflicted between her love, honor, and duty, does Amber have what it takes to handle the emotional turmoil or will she shut down again?

                                                                                   * * * *

And so as not to leave anyone disappointed I will post a fan-made pic for Amber's character! I love this one!

Cover for Walker's Run, A Sanctuary Novel: Book 1

I am revealing my gorgeous cover for Walker's Run. I am incredibly impressed with Marion Sipe, she is fantastic!

We are still looking at August 30th for the release and I will definitely keep everyone posted! But for now you'll have to be subdued with my gorgeous cover and an excerpt!

                                                                                 * * * *

Casey was afraid to give voice to the one term that would describe what she’d seen. What...he was.“’re a...werewolf?”
She saw the truth in his pale eyes. “The bite?”
Braedyn looked away from her.
Her mouth went dry. She put her right hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her. “Am I...?” Unable to finish the question, her heart thundered in her chest.
Anguish once again filled his expression. Reaching up, he grasped her hand in his. Casey knew in the pit of her stomach she wouldn’t like his answer, even though he managed to look reassuring at the same time. “Yes, you were lucky. Not many survive the first day after being bitten.”
“You said not all of you can change. What does that mean?”
He sat down in front of her, still holding her hand. “Those of us with a human parent have a more difficult time learning to transform. It’s incredibly painful. Those who never aquire the ability can only change with the lunar cycles. Not everyone can handle being able to do it at will.”
Her mind whirled, trying to understand what he was saying. “So...your father was a werewolf and your human?”
Braedyn nodded. “Yes a Native American. She’s a healer; a practiced Homeopathic physician and herbalist. My father adored her.” He gave a soft smile. “He truly treated her as if she were a queen.”
Casey noticed the expression on his face. Though he spoke of his parents love it was obvious he’d worshiped his father. The pang of his death hit her again, even more now that she knew the truth.
“What am I to expect now?” She looked down at their joined hands. His tanned skin was such a contrast compared to hers. Casey had never considered herself pale, but the richer russet tone in his skin made hers look nearly alabaster.
Braedyn cleared his throat. “I can’t lie. This won’t be easy on you. While your wound heals you will feel like you’re on fire inside. It will continue until the first night of the full moon. During the three days the moon is full you will change into your wolf form at sundown. Urges will build inside you. It’s not blood you’ll crave, but the hunt. Eventually, you will learn to work with the wolf, even control it.”
“I have only killed for food and to protect myself.” She shuddered, tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”
“You are a kind and decent person, Casey. You may have to fight the wolf on occassion. The rage that comes from nowhere, needs to be held firmly in check. I normally request the death of someone who’s been changed against their will.”
She searched his face. “You’re the alpha now?”
He nodded. “Those changed against their will usually go rogue, with or without the proper training. You can imagine, having a rogue running loose puts those of us who walk amongst the humans unnoticed, in danger.”
“Do you think I can learn?” Casey watched him smile when he reached up and stroked her cheek.
“If I didn’t believe it, I’d have...spared you this life.” Braedyn shook his head. “I’ve watched for many years whenever you came back to the forest, protecting you from my sister. As the years drew on and visits became infrequent, I...missed you.” He dropped his hand from her cheek and fidgeted.
Noticing his cheeks redden a little, she raised her brows. “Me?”
He gave a gentle laugh and nodded. “Yes. You were the first human to play with me in my wolf form and not be frightened. My first human friend.”
She watched his pale gaze travel over her face before locking with hers once more. “I can promise you, I’ve looked for you each time I’ve come back to the forest. Wondering what had happened to you.”
His hand ran through his hair. “After what happened to my father, I was wary. Too afraid to approach you as you were never far from your father or brother.”
Casey shook her head feeling the pain of that night all over again. The guilt she’d carried for so long. “I’m so very sorry for what’s happened.”
“No, it was just as much my fault.”
Tears pricked her eyes, and she hung her head. “I’m worried...” She shivered, unsure if the cold or fear was the cause.
“I know and you have every right to be, but I promise I will be with you every step of the way,” he vowed. “It’s my fault this happened, I should’ve kept a better eye on you.”
“You’ve protected me all these years. Why?” Casey looked in his eyes again, searching for the answers there. She noticed he looked uncomfortable under her direct gaze.
“Because...somewhere along the years, I began to feel more than just protective...when it came to you. I’ve watched you grow and learn to live off the land. Seen the enjoyment in your eyes when you took in the beauty of the forest. Knowing that beauty hasn’t been lost on you no matter how infrequent your visits became. It...touched something in me.” He shook his head and smiled. “I’ve never met another woman quite like you.”
Over the last four days, Casey had found herself admiring Braedyn more while he’d tended to her with such tenderness for a man his size. Not once did he waiver on any of the responsibilities he’d taken upon himself. Now that she’d learned he was the alpha it made her wonder if he was shirking his duties for her. Was he afraid he would have to kill her or was it something more?
Casey shifted a little to give him room when he sat down next to her and opened the bottle of water. “I’m scared, Braedyn,” she whispered, leaning against him, resting her head on his shoulder. She needed his comfort.
He placed a reassuring arm around her. “I know.”

She closed her eyes.
                                                        * * * *
Now to share my gorgeous cover with you all! August 30, 2013!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Release Date for Walker's Run!

Yes you saw that correctly. I finally have a release date for Walker's Run! It is the first in my series of paranormal romances The Sanctuary Novels. Waiting for final galley edits and the cover artist but it is getting oh, so close!


So excited to share the world of Walker's Run with everyone. This series has been a part of my life for a very long time and I so look forward to everyone getting to know Braedyn, Casey, Amber, Dean...and a slew of other great characters.

I'm going to share some fan art that was made because I still don't have an actual cover yet I was informed I needed to have something to promote, LOL.

I hope you all enjoy and I hope to be a little better about posting here more often. But you can always check me out on Facebook as I am on there ALL the time.

There is so much more on my author page on Facebook. The notes section is loaded with some comical Mel-isms as well as teasers for all my work. It's also a great way to get in contact with me and get into the strange mind that is me.

I will definitely be posting again once I get the cover and further details are hammered out.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A review of Marie: An Alternative Historical novel: A Killarney Sheffield Novel

A review of Marie, An Alternative Historical Romance: A Killarney Sheffield Novel
By: Mel Favreaux

How many times have you read back through history or listened to a story and wondered what would have happened if one tiny thing had transpired and changed everything? This is what Killarney Sheffield brings to the plate with her novel, Marie.
Many of us are familiar if even in passing with the story of the French King Louis the XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette. Sheffield’s story begins during the collapse of the French monarchy when the common folk storm the castle in search of the insipient Queen for making the comment of “And let them eat cake,” that one of her husband’s many mistresses had remarked was mentioned when the Queen was approached with the peoples issue of starvation.
The reader learns quickly the Queen was not responsible for the remark and has been living under the charade of a happy marriage to an adulterous king. Rumors abounded of her unmerited infidelities and combined with the false remark brought about what was to be her end.
Pregnant and on the run with her personal servant, they were captured and thought to be no more than a maid and a wench. How far down the ladder Marie had fallen despite her pleas that she was indeed the French Queen and had escaped? Accused of being no more than a mere woman of ill repute and then found herself aboard a ship headed for the penile colony of Australia, to help curb the more baser of the convict’s needs.
Frightened for her life she was approached by another convict, Reagan, and was offered his protection once she gave up her royal wedding ring. Not believing her silly claims of monarchy, but knew there were more jewels to be his if he were only patient. A self-proclaimed man of stone, Raegan discovers Marie’s pregnancy when she miscarries, but stays by her side for days until she’s well again.
The story follows an implausible, but entirely believable love story between a monarch and a criminal that begins during their escape from the colony and in their flight to find freedom again.
After returning to her home with her brother in Austria, does Marie truly begin to understand what true freedom and real love feels like.
There are twists and turns in the plot which take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions back in time.
All in all, I found it a lovely, emotionally charged, quick read. Sheffield has definitely earned herself another fan.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Special Place...

Most writer's a readers have a particular place they like to be. 

Readers like a well lit but quiet niche where they can lounge. A large bay window with a seat that overlooks a small garden. Or an overstuffed armchair in a cozy corner with a small lamp.

Writer's either like an airy open space whey they don't feel like the caged in creatures they're writing about. Then there are those that likes to be holed up with no outside communications, no internet, tablets, music, or phones. And there are the brave individuals that like windows.

I saw a beautiful picture today. A tiny little shed that had been converted into a playhouse. It was absolutely adorable. One side of it was all glass and opened out into a cute garden. It would be a beautiful place to curl up and read...yes...and I started thinking about an office...hmm...

The more I thought of it, I started mapping out where everything would go. My books, desk, computers, printers...the couch I would cry on when the crits and edits came in. I easily imagined it all. Seeing myself sitting there with the warm light flowing through the wall of windows...

Windows...oooh look there's a blue jay and a...what is that? Go to the other computer (the one with internet access so I could write uninterrupted) and Googled many distractions. The flowers are pretty...and I find myself staring out the window looking at everything like a hidden pictures game.

Okay...turn the desk so I can't actively look out the window. 

Music...pull up Youtube and type in the most recent play hour later, exhausted, out of breath from dancing and singing and clearly too tired to do any writing. imagination is just as bad about having Writer's ADD as I am! It was HORRIBLE!

I will stick to my tiny corner, hide the remote control, and write in silence! IT IS THE ONLY WAY!

And just like right now. I'm supposed to be working on the second story in my series getting it ready before I receive the edits on the first one that is due to come out in August...what am I doing? Writing a blog about the random imaginings of a clearly insane writer...


Good day

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Contract!

I am so very pleased to announce that MuseItUp Publishing has extended a second contract to me, this time for Walker's Run, book one in my paranormal romance series! I am so incredibly excited, as it was the edits on this story that frustrated me to the point of breaking all the rules to write Valor of a Woman to begin with. onto the chore of getting the second story in the series Shadow Walker straightened out and ready to go, hopefully before I get the first round of edits on Walker's Run. My initial plan had been to finally begin an ongoing blog with the humor of an author after they submit a story and wait pensively (pretending not to check their email a gagillion times a day...and finding other things to do to keep them busy...) but shockingly enough, I submitted the story on Friday February 23, 2013 and yesterday evening, February 25, 2013 I found the contract waiting in my is that?!

On top of trying to get the second story in the series straightened out...I STILL have to try and think of something witty, charming, and/or interesting enough to say to keep this blog rolling...Uhm...hello! Single mom, just got laid off...looking for a REAL job and in the process trying to follow my dream...eventually I will find an interesting enough topic to keep my attention, LOL.

Right now I am floating on cloud nine! But remember, Valor of a Woman is still available from MuseItUp publishing! GO CHECK IT OUT!