Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Bits of Boredom

Okay, I guess I'm having some slight issues...LOL, those who know me are like, "When don't you...?"

I just finished a story and I'm...bored, LOL. Seriously. I don't have anything fresh at the moment and I'm frantically procrastinating working on the crits for Walker's Run which is becoming more of a chore than I ever meant it to be. Eventually it will be a great series, but for now its killing me and breaking my heart at the same time.

Some older stories are starting to rear their ugly heads and wanting attention too and I'm not too sure I feel like delving back into them yet. I want something fresh and exciting again. Stepping outside the box with my last story was...refreshing...but not something I want to do again so soon, LOL. It's an incredibly emotional story and...I just can't go there again so soon.

Unfortunately the characters of Walker's Run are talking to me again, specifically that of the Silver Wolf. Who is the first Were ever and the Mother of all were-creatures. I'd hoped to satisfy her need to have her story told by adding some first-person bits into Walker's Run explaining her first incarnation...but more and more she's speaking to me and wanting her original story told. I'm seriously considering it which is the scary part! It wouldn't necessarily be part of the WR series, maybe like a prequel standalone? I don't know...its bugging me and she's been good and patient, its been a long time coming. I sat down to write WR in hopes that it would suffice...Uhm...nope!

Like I said, I'm bored, reaching for things to think about and just in general talking out of my head since JC and Jo aren't chatting with me...*humph*...LOL. I get most of my ideas out of nowhere bouncing weird shit off of my friends!

Anyway...its time for my cough syrup and some decongestant and hope I get at least two hours of sleep so I can get up before the sun does and get my daughter ready for school. I'll be back around late as I have work tomorrow evening...I so love closing on Wednesdays...ugh...senior day and the first day of the new add. Things don't work out right, I'm the one that gets all the complaints. Right now I can't plaster on the "I'll kiss your ass" smile and be all professional. Hopefully by tomorrow I can manage to dig it out of the bottom of my pocket.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Negative People...

Tuesday night I went to a book signing, my first time. Unfortunately I brought along an incredibly negative person: my children's grandmother, their father's mother; and of course my two kids.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the authors in my reading list. And she came to my town her first NC visit ever, so I had to go. OMG, J bitched the ENTIRE damn time! It was awful...didn't help my kids got stir crazy around hour two. I have a three and five year old. My five year old loves the opportunity to talk to any and everyone she can corner and my son...well he's all boy and he likes to show off when he's shy to get out of his box and winds up acting out. J takes my son outside for an hour or so while I'm waiting for my group to get called up.

In the mean time Diana Love is acting like the consummate hostess telling stories I'm sure Sherry will kick her ass for later, LOL, they have an awesome friendship; and she was passing out goodies. But the whole time I was more concerned with just getting it over with rather than enjoying myself and trying "TRYING" to be social, LOL. I'm one of those that stands in the background and sizes people up for a bit before I gauge what to say to people and how to talk to them. You get a sense of their personality and their cadence of speech and how they talk and what words they can understand, LMAO.

Yes I'm weird, have I not covered that yet?

But because I was so worked up about keeping the kids out, my daughter is in Kindergarten and it was a school night. I was afraid my son would tear the book store apart and in general I was just fucking miserable. No one I know in person has read Kenyon. I didn't know a single person there and I've never been one to just walk up to someone and start talking to them, well not since I became a moody emo/gothic teen anyway, LMAO. So there I sat, my daughter was chatting away at the person next to her and I was just miserable, because I let J get to me. She was bitching about the time, that she didn't like the fact that Sherry talked too much...I mean GOOD GOD! Fans love to hear their author's talk! No she'd never read anything, I even gave her a book and had it autographed for her and she's not read it. I actually gave her the book to read about six months ago. She had to dig for it for an hour to find it to bring it to the signing!

The only time I was able to relax and finally start chatting was while I waited the forty minutes standing in line waiting to get my books signed. Diana Love came over and started chatting with me and a few of the other women in line with us. Then here comes J, fussing about the time and everything else. Diana was sweet and played with my daughter for a few and laughed at my son.

And Sherry when I finally got up to her, my kids bombarded her. Bless her, she was so sweet about it. She stuck out her hand to shake my son's hand, and he looked up at her, knocked her hand aside and just hugged her, LOL. She actually laughed and said, "Well if I get a hug then I get to keep you." My kids are gargantuans. My five year old daughter is as tall as most 8 year olds. My three year old son is the size of a five or six year old. She simply told me they were great kids and said to never apologize she understood being a mom of three boys how children could be and after five hours she was completely impressed with them. Meanwhile, J is practically laying down in a huge chair, acting as if she were going to die if we didn't leave as soon as possible.

I got a quick picture with Sherry and had to leave...my son attacks her gifts that her fans had given her and tries to run off with a singing dragon. I reach for it and he throws with uncanny accuracy and bowls over both of the expensive Acheron and Simi dolls and I was, of course, embarrassed and what does Ms. Kenyon do? She laughs like hell says he has a great arm and he'll make mommy rich one day as either a football or baseball player, picks up the stuff, gives my son a final hug and continues with the next person in line.

LOL, it was actually not a half bad time, but 97% of it I was made to feel guilty and half the pleasure was sucked right out of something that should have been fun.

So, I suggest that if any of you out there plan on doing something like this...don't take a negative ninny old bitch with you.


Little Bit o' This, Little Bit O' That

Okay, okay...I don't do these things much so bear with me a bit while I get the hang of this shit. And if you don't care for it, well, it was Jc's idea, she's to blame. Yep, that's where I'll put it. If it turns out all right then, she'll get a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass, (that she probably deserves anyway...)

My bio pretty much says it all. I'm a single mom, blah blah, two kids great and annoying both at the same time. Love them, too much of me in them and they are stubborn as hell.

I work as a book keeper and I'm numerically dyslexic, YAY! Found that out about six months after starting the job. I always knew math was never my strong suit, and now I know its because of that. Oh well, I still hate numbers and math, good thing I write, huh?

Writing is an escape for me. I enjoy it and my tastes are wide and varied in the authors I read to the things I write. For the most part my stuff is paranormal, then more recently I've branched into the paranormal romance. I have some contemporary stuff. I've been told some of my latest work borders on erotica...*sigh* but the scenes rock, LOL. I just write what strikes me at the moment and stepped way outside my comfort zone with my latest story 'The Valor of a Woman'. It's a contemporary romance that grabs you by the heart strings and takes you through wide and varied emotions and definitely at least a half a Kleenex box read. Kimra Valor is one of those characters you just instantly love. But it isn't one of those happy sigh inducing love stories and it doesn't have a happy ending.

The series I'm working on revolves around Were-creatures and its a paranormal romance, massive crits to go through to get it straightened out and in the process of procrastinating is when "The Valor of a Woman' hit me about one a.m. one morning and wouldn't let me go. Two months later back in the same boat...do a complete rewrite...again? Or fix what's wrong? I'm leaning towards rewriting some things and fixing others, but we'll see when I finally get my lazy ass to that point, won't we? And spawning off of that will be a Guardian series. Once I get back into doing the crits and working on Walker's Run I'll give more details on them.

But I have lots of other shit in my vacuum cleaner box full of stories that I will one day go through and look back at. (Seriously my first 20 stories are hand written in binders stuffed in a vacuum cleaner box in a storage unit about six hours from here.) I've got tween and teen stuff as well as a total fantasy and a contemporary romance series and a vampire trilogy somewhere, LOL. A female serial killer written in first person. The list goes on. Forty-two plus stories and counting.

Okay this is enough. I didn't feel like ranting tonight, give me time and I'll give you an eye full of shit one night when the mood strikes.