Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Special Place...

Most writer's a readers have a particular place they like to be. 

Readers like a well lit but quiet niche where they can lounge. A large bay window with a seat that overlooks a small garden. Or an overstuffed armchair in a cozy corner with a small lamp.

Writer's either like an airy open space whey they don't feel like the caged in creatures they're writing about. Then there are those that likes to be holed up with no outside communications, no internet, tablets, music, or phones. And there are the brave individuals that like windows.

I saw a beautiful picture today. A tiny little shed that had been converted into a playhouse. It was absolutely adorable. One side of it was all glass and opened out into a cute garden. It would be a beautiful place to curl up and read...yes...and I started thinking about an office...hmm...

The more I thought of it, I started mapping out where everything would go. My books, desk, computers, printers...the couch I would cry on when the crits and edits came in. I easily imagined it all. Seeing myself sitting there with the warm light flowing through the wall of windows...

Windows...oooh look there's a blue jay and a...what is that? Go to the other computer (the one with internet access so I could write uninterrupted) and Googled many distractions. The flowers are pretty...and I find myself staring out the window looking at everything like a hidden pictures game.

Okay...turn the desk so I can't actively look out the window. 

Music...pull up Youtube and type in the most recent play hour later, exhausted, out of breath from dancing and singing and clearly too tired to do any writing. imagination is just as bad about having Writer's ADD as I am! It was HORRIBLE!

I will stick to my tiny corner, hide the remote control, and write in silence! IT IS THE ONLY WAY!

And just like right now. I'm supposed to be working on the second story in my series getting it ready before I receive the edits on the first one that is due to come out in August...what am I doing? Writing a blog about the random imaginings of a clearly insane writer...


Good day

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Contract!

I am so very pleased to announce that MuseItUp Publishing has extended a second contract to me, this time for Walker's Run, book one in my paranormal romance series! I am so incredibly excited, as it was the edits on this story that frustrated me to the point of breaking all the rules to write Valor of a Woman to begin with. onto the chore of getting the second story in the series Shadow Walker straightened out and ready to go, hopefully before I get the first round of edits on Walker's Run. My initial plan had been to finally begin an ongoing blog with the humor of an author after they submit a story and wait pensively (pretending not to check their email a gagillion times a day...and finding other things to do to keep them busy...) but shockingly enough, I submitted the story on Friday February 23, 2013 and yesterday evening, February 25, 2013 I found the contract waiting in my is that?!

On top of trying to get the second story in the series straightened out...I STILL have to try and think of something witty, charming, and/or interesting enough to say to keep this blog rolling...Uhm...hello! Single mom, just got laid off...looking for a REAL job and in the process trying to follow my dream...eventually I will find an interesting enough topic to keep my attention, LOL.

Right now I am floating on cloud nine! But remember, Valor of a Woman is still available from MuseItUp publishing! GO CHECK IT OUT!