Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Up and the Madness of Silence

Well it seems like I broke my promise of trying to do something weekly with this blog, LOL.

Life has intervened. In the passed year I've changed professions (assistant administrative assistant), moved my tiny family (back to the country), and got a contract! Those are big things! Looking back at that it seems like I've accomplished quite a bit.

My "pour your heart out and bawl like a baby" story that was so emotionally draining...wound up getting  a contract and is slotted to come out in August 2012 from MuseItUp Publishing. Valor of a Woman is going through the final stages of edits and soon I should hear from the cover artist.

I'm excited and terrified...and wondering where I should go from here. Should I go back and revisit Walker's Run and finally tear the story apart? Or try and pick up something away from paranormal romance again? There hasn't been enough time away from the emotional density of my contracted work to even think of writing another "real life" story.

I've been kicking around a few ideas, even a joint work with an old friend of mine that seems promising if we can ever manage to get our schedules to even out where we can actually speak to one another.

I have a few weeks of supposed "peace" the kids are with their father in another state...and you would think I'd be able to write...BAH! It's too quiet! A recently acquired kitten has taken up and is driving me crazy, pouncing on the keys as I try to type ANYTHING, or is determined to just pull the laptop from my makeshift table.

Just some babbling all around. I will "try" to make a weekly appearance here. And trust me, I will be posting about how things go during my first month out in the running once Valor of a Woman comes out.