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Cover Reveal for Jungle Walker, A Sanctuary, Book V

While I'm at it I figured I would go ahead and reveal the new cover for BookV, Jungle Walker.

This one is completely different than any of my previous covers and I am absolutely ecstatic over it. This one will be available after the New Year, in February.

Jungle Walker
A Sanctuary Novel, Book V

Henley Bostwick thought an eighteen month rotation in the South American jungle clinic would help her forget her cheating fiancĂ©. She didn’t expect questioning a young girl about her broken arm would put her on the local drug kingpin’s radar. Meeting the incredibly sexy Sebastian in the middle of her frantic run for her life was definitely an unexpected twist.

Baz Alvarez had hidden in the jungle for five years. Too many years in the military and intelligence had nearly shattered him. After seeing the damage people did to themselves, he sought refuge where he was the most dangerous predator of them all. The elusive white jaguar the locals had come to call, the ghost cat. When the jaguar gives his vow of protection for Henley, Baz is helpless to fight his were-self.

An immediate connection is discovered and tensions rise.
Henley is strong-willed, capable, and doesn’t back down.
Baz is determined to live his life in exile with the least amount of ties as possible.

When Henley is kidnapped and brought into the kingpin’s human trafficking scheme, the Gato de fantasmas is out for blood.

Can they find the strength they’ve always desired in each other?


In the South American jungle, Henley finds far 

more than she’d ever dreamed of with Baz, el gato de 


Now available to pre-order:

Blind Walker is now Available!

Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV is now available at all fine e-retailers!

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Final Excerpt From Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV Releasing 12.12.2014

From Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV
Blind Walker © 2014 by Mel Favreaux
Releasing 12.12.2014
Pre-Order Link: Amazon:

Old sheets still covered the couch and the armchair. Furniture was the bare minimum she could get away with. It looked like someone had been kind enough to sweep and dust for their arrival. She could still smell the lemon and grapefruit essential oils from the cleanser. It had more than likely been Amber because she’d taken it upon herself to stock them up on food. The Tigress had a penchant for food that stemmed from how she was forced to grow up. Now that she could, Amber always made sure there was enough.

The flat screen in the corner with her leather swivel recliner housed an entertainment area complete with four different gaming systems. It had been a while since she’d sat down to play.

“So you don’t use that for watching, I’m assuming,” Jax murmured when he spotted it.

She blushed. “I…kinda wasn’t kidding when I was talking about gaming. I used to be hardcore about it.”

Jax chuckled. “The more I learn about you, Iris…the deeper I fall.”

Yeah, that’s it folks. She grabbed him, inhaling his scent. The bag of clothing she’d brought in fell to the floor, and her fingers buried in his hair, drawing his mouth to hers. When he gasped, she took advantage, sweeping her tongue into his mouth.

Her fingers made quick work of the top few buttons of his shirt before she just pulled it over his head and tossed it across the floor. Kissing him again, she shook and tears burned her eyes.

Dammit, why am I crying?

When Jax pulled back from the kiss, a soft sob escaped.

“Shh…” His hands cradled her face, brushing away the tears with his thumbs. “It’s okay,” he whispered.

Why won’t the tears stop? The more she tried to hold them in, the harder she cried. What the hell? This is not what is supposed to be happening? What is wrong with me?

The next thing Iris knew, Jax cradled her in his arms as he strode through her small two-bedroom cabin.

“Where’s the bedroom?” he asked when they neared the hallway.

Still crying to the point where she was unable to form a verbal reply, Iris pointed to the first room on the left. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she refused to let him go. When he sat down on the bed, she curled in his lap.

Jax held her, not saying a word. The sun set before she was able to stop. His T-shirt was soaked beneath her cheek.

“I meant it when I said earlier I don’t cry often. I don’t know what’s wrong,” she admitted.

“How do you feel?”

Drying her face, she sniffed, expecting a horrible headache and was surprised and relieved to find she didn’t have one. Residual from the painkiller she’d taken earlier no doubt. “I don’t know. How am I supposed to feel?”

“You’ve never had a long, cleansing, cry like that before?”

She lifted her head and looked in his eyes, confused. “No, the only thing I feel after I cry like that is a damn headache, and my face is all swollen…” Reaching up she felt her face.

Jax laughed and moved her hands, curling them into his own. “It’s just something you needed to get out of your system. There’s a lot going on. A lot to be dealt with. It affects us all in different ways.”

“I’ve never been a crier, Jax.”

“Then maybe that’s why. You needed to cry…to come to terms with something that’s been bothering you for a long time?” Bringing her hands to his mouth, he kissed each of her knuckles. “Or…getting you ready to talk about it?”

“Tomorrow,” she breathed when he sucked her thumb into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the pad before nibbling it.

“Do you promise?”

This again? She didn’t understand why he wanted to hear her say that word so much. “I think that word means something different to you than it does to me.”

Jax frowned, stroking her hair behind her ear. “It means to keep your word, Iris. I’ve seen you do that.”

“Then ask me for my word. Promises are just…empty hopes and dreams that can be crushed.”

His gaze narrowed on hers, and he nodded. “Okay then, give me your word that tomorrow you will try?”

She closed her eyes. “You’ve my word.”

“Iris?” he whispered.


“Look at me.”

Sighing, she met his gaze. Gone was the nervous, word vomiting creature who’d made her laugh until she cried. In his place was the gentle and too kind man who had won over the Pantheress.

“I vowed to both you and the Pantheress that I was here for the long run, that I would try to be a man you could be proud of, and I’d try to mend this rift between you. I take my promises pretty fucking seriously.”

“I—I’m sorry—”

Jax grunted and leaned over her. “No, I’m sorry some bastard ruined that for you. But I’m not him, Iris. This is all new to me. I’m nervous and confused about what’s expected of me. The one thing, which despite all of this, is what I feel in your arms. It makes me feel like I can do anything. That I am…a part…of the magic that’s here, not just an outsider.” He brought her hand to his mouth, placing a kiss on her knuckles.

She had never met a man who talked half as much as Jax did, especially about his emotions. Dean appeared to be that way, too, but because he was an empath, it was easier to understand why. Jax was just…

Mine, the Pantheress grumbled.

Iris knew she was over thinking things, but that had been how she kept herself guarded for so long.

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Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV Excerpt #2

From Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV
Blind Walker © 2014 by Mel Favreaux
Releasing 12.12.2014

The limo drew to a stop, and he heard the driver’s door open.

His breathing hitched, and his palms grew slick with perspiration. “I can’t do this,” he whispered in a near panic.

Her scent filled him. Her fingertips were hot on his cheek when she turned his face toward her. “You can do this.”

“I’m going to trip and embarrass you too—”

The sound of the doors locking would have brought panic if he didn’t feel the heat of her lips brush against his. Oh yes! The hair on the back of his neck rose and his surprised gasp was lost beneath a deeper onslaught of her mouth. His entire body hummed when her tongue traced his lips.

Shoving every thought in his mind away, he concentrated on returning her kiss. Turning his body toward her, his fingers trailed from her bare knee, up her thigh where he felt the silky material of her dress begin. Preferring the smoothness of her thigh, he traced his fingers around the hem.

There was a gentle purr when she pulled away. Her fingers touched his lips, no doubt wiping away the lipstick smudged there.

“How are your nerves now?” she asked.

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Excerpt from Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV

Want an excerpt from Blind Walker, Book IV in the Sanctuary Series? Meet Jaxon Naylor, a blind war-vet.

From Blind Walker, A Sanctuary Novel, Book IV
Blind Walker © 2014 by Mel Favreaux
Releasing 12.12.2014

The sound of the covers rustling drifted through the living room. Jax was awake. 

She pinched her eyes shut. How long had he been listening?

“Get yourselves situated, and I’ll send Amber over to pick you up within an hour.”

She grabbed Braedyn’s arm when he turned for the door. “Braedyn, when I leave, he’ll be blind again.”

The muscles in his jaw jumped, and he narrowed his eyes on hers. “Swear to me, when this is all over, you’ll fix this between you and the Pantheress.”

Sighing, she let go and nodded. “I know, and I’m trying. My fear is that I’ve waited too long. But with Jax to soothe her, I don’t run the risk of going rogue anymore. Not so long as I know he’s safe.”

He put a large hand on her shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “I never once feared you going rogue, Iris. I wouldn’t have let you go to L.A. alone if I had. You’re part of my family.” Clearing his throat, he nodded. “Like I said, I’ll send Amber over to pick you up within an hour.”

“Thank you, Braedyn.” She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath when the door closed behind him.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, she walked back toward the bedroom. Jax was lying on his back, his unseeing eyes directed toward the ceiling. As she neared, he blinked a few times and a warm smile lifted the edges of his mouth. Her heart thudded in her chest when he turned to face her.

“There you are.” His entire expression lit up when his gaze settled on her.

A small shiver ran through her. “I hope you never stop looking at me like this,” she breathed, sliding into the bed and curling up next to him.

He grinned and stroked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “You’re the light in my darkness, Iris. Regardless of whether I keep my vision or not, I will always smile when you’re near.”

Upcoming Release 12.12.2014 Blind Walker, Book IV, A Sanctuary Novel

It's been a while since I've been on apologies, things have been crazy and insane as usual in my world.

Blind Walker, Book IV, in the Sanctuary Series releases 12.12.2014! I totally forgot to share my cover and blurb! I also have a few really great promo and excerpts to share as well!

There are five rules for being a Were outside of the Run. 
1. Blend in.
2. Don’t harm the humans.
3. Don’t shift in public.
4. Keep the secret.
5. If you need help, call.
Iris Oakley is a Were-pantheress, turned body-guard for politicians and the Hollywood elite. She is good at her job, but trying to blend in with the humans and abandon her were-self creates a dangerous rift between the woman and the beast. Only one person can mend it, her life-mate.
Jaxon Naylor, a blind and scarred war-vet, with a passion for music, finds himself in need of an experienced bodyguard to a movie premiere. What he gets is the incredibly sexy Iris Oakley.
Together they discover a destiny that is far more than either had ever considered. Fate and justice do go hand in hand. Without one there is no other. Once these two come together, separating them comes with dire consequences.

Pre-Order Links:




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Catching Up and Whatnot...

Yes...I know I am absolutely horrible about keeping up with my blog...

Good news though! I have received another contract through MuseItUp Publishing for the second book in the Guardian Chronicles! Entitled: The Keeper! yes, I am excited, so I have FOUR upcoming releases through Muse:

Books 4 and 5 in the Sanctuary Series Blind Walker and Jungle Walker and Books 1 and 2 in the Guardian Chronicles, Taming the Beat and The Keeper! I am excited!

But...the point of today's's a rant...I'm just a wee bit peeved.

I was approached on FaceBook about reviewing a book. No big deal it happens a lot among authors, a review for a review. Unfortunately I am backed up at the moment and am MONTHS behind on promised reviews which I feel absolutely horrible about AGAIN to those of you I am SO SO SO SO very sorry!

The deal is, I ask for honest reviews. I give honest reviews. If I for some reason can't give at least a four-star review I will not leave one, simply because I will not tear another author's work to shreds.

I was approached by another author today and asked to swap reviews, I explained I was backed up that I would have to decline.

This is his exact response:

"What do you mean you are late in reviews? Do you mean you are backed up in giving them or receiving them? You could just give me what you want me to say for your review and I'll put it up and I'll do the same. It'll take less than five minutes to post"

Uhm...To say that I am livid would be an understatement. I responded with this.

"I don't do that I ask for and give only honest reviews in return. If I can't give an honest four stars I won't post. Real things are preventing me from devoting time to read right now. I have seven that I have to review right now. And far more than I can remember that have neglected to leave reviews for me. So I've stopped swapping for reviews. Though I appreciate the offer."

"OK...thanks for your time."


Really? I am so angry I can't even properly vent here. I can promise that I will be giving this guys information to my author pals to warn them, but this is the kind of crap that gets good people thrown under the bus while we sit here and scratch our heads and wonder why these other books have all these reviews when ours sit here with hardly any...THIS IS WHY? BECAUSE THESE AUTHORS ARE WRITING THEIR FREAKING OWN DAMN REVIEWS ITS BULL!!!!!!!!!


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Welcome to October! As a Muse Author, we are celebrating the companies 4th Anniversary with some really great deals from our authors! Hey, it's my birthday month too so I decided to have a little fun as well.

Valor of a Woman: My contemporary Romance is currently 80% off! It is only $1.10 right now!

Walker's Run: Book 1 in the Sanctuary Series is half off and is $2.99!

Shadow Walker: Book 2 in the Sanctuary Series is 70% off and is $1.78

Dream Walker: Book 3 in the Sanctuary Series, is still half off at $2.99

All prices are reflected on Amazon as well as the MuseItUp Bookstore.


MuseItUp Bookstore: (You'll find my Muse brethren's books there as well, never know when you'll find your next fav author and these sales are too good to pass up!)

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Ladybug Lin's and Kitty Kat's Hot Seat Reviews: SHADOW WALKER by Mel Favreaux lands in THE HOT SE...

Find out why I said Ladybug Lin mas made me speechless!

Ladybug Lin's and Kitty Kat's Hot Seat Reviews: SHADOW WALKER by Mel Favreaux lands in THE HOT SE...: Thank the Merciful God of Fiction...there IS life after Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris and TRUE BLOOD. I, Ladybug Lin, feared ...B...

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Dream Walker is Released!

Dream Walker is finally out! I will be doing a giveaway over the next few have to be familiar with the series. It will be trivia questions. Right now, I have posted on my Author like page on Facebook the three handmade bracelets that my younger sister and I put together. So hop on over, give my Facebook page a like.

And make sure you're familiar with all three of the Sanctuary Series books.

Walker's Run
Shadow Walker
and newly released, Dream Walker

There will also be a secret prize given! OOOPS, I didn't mention that one on Facebook.


Review for Love's Bitter Harvest By Jas T. Ward

 I reviewed Madness by Jas T. Ward last year and was definitely in love with her twist on the paranormal and her writing style in general. When she asked if I would consider reviewing Love's Bitter Harvest even though it wasn't of the PNR genre, I jumped at the chance.

Review for Love’s Bitter Harvest by Jas T. Ward

This is a love-story that is unique.

High school sweethearts, Matt and Katy marry and take over the family farm and live...happily ever after?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a unique story does it?

For Katy coming from a background where all she thought she craved was a family and nothing more, being with the love of her life and settling had seemed easy enough. But after four years, she was given the job opportunity of a lifetime in New York and Katy decided to jump on it when her husband didn’t attempt to stop her.

Matt, a prideful man, had let her go and in the process his life fell in shambles within four years after neglecting the farm and his life in general. Living his life with anger, hatred, and pain, caused Matt to become a shell of his former self. Then to make matters worse, another tragedy befalls him. Holding onto the anger seems to be all he has left.

The way this story is woven you feel both Katy and Matt’s pain, frustration, and anger.

I’m not easily brought to tears and I have to admit, I had to wipe away more than just a few reading through this story.

For what had originally started as a challenge to write outside of her comfort zone of the paranormal, Jas T. Ward has thrown down the gauntlet and proven her worth! Not many authors can successfully pull off a switch in genres, but in my opinion...she absolutely nailed it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Great news! Around midnight last night, I received the contract for Taming the Beat, it's the first in a spin off series from the Sanctuary novels, entitled The Guardian Chronicles. I'm truly excited and happy to call MuseItUp Publishing my home. This makes a total of seven contracts the company has extended to me. They have been nothing but absolutely professional and are a great group of people to work with.

So, I have Dream Walker, book III in the Sanctuary Series coming out June 20, 2014. Book four, Blind Walker will be coming in the fall. Book five, Jungle Walker in the winter. And now Taming the Beat, book I next spring 2015. I am excited beyond all means to be able to introduce these characters to everyone.

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Cover Reveal for Dream Walker, Book III in the Sanctuary Series

D R E A M W A L K E R, Book III in the Sanctuary Series...

It had been more than twenty years since he’d last seen his wife. Twenty years of searching with connections spanning from the military to the secret organization, The Guardians. Nothing. Forced to retire early from the military to take care of his two young children, Peyton Maynard did what he had to do to raise his young family.

Becoming a Guardian, policing paranormal, supernatural, and preternatural beings offered him the flexibility to be the hands-on father he needed to be. Blessed with the gift of precognitive dreams served him well, except where it came to Kit. He never saw her come into his life and never saw her leave. But she still haunted his dreams.

Kit had gone by a variety of names—hiding from a man with the connections her husband had was difficult. But to protect her family from her true identity, she had to leave. Pretending to be human in a world that wasn’t ready to accept her, Kit survived the only way possible.

Coming face-to-face once again with the love of her life was terrifying and bittersweet all at once. But could Kit overcome the abandonment issues of her children and fix what had been destroyed? Could she make them understand she’d left in order to protect them?

Was she ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep them and their secrets safe?

Coming June 2014

Dream Walker © 2014 by Mel Favreaux

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catching Up...again...

Things have been crazy busy. I made a trans-state move. From North Carolina to Florida. Sunny skies and much warmer temps. And tonight at midnight, Shadow Walker releases! I am excited to be able to share this news.

Dream Walker, book three in the series will debut this summer. I am working on the final line edits and blurb information now. I should be working on cover art pretty soon and will have an exact date to share as well.

Books four and five have been picked up as well. Blind Walker, book four will be out in the fall, and book five, Jungle Walker will be available next winter. So something for every season.

My good friend, Danielle Taylor, has reworked my wix site for the Sanctuary Series as well. If you want to check it out it has all the links to get in touch with me too!

I am trying to keep everything up in the air at the moment, pardon the lack of coordination. ;)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Cover reveal for Shadow Walker A Sanctuary Novel, Book II

Happy Valentines Day to those who celebrate and a very happy Friday to those who don't. This crabby chick woke this morning to find all the final formats and my cover in my email. I am stoked to say the least!

The release date for Shadow Walker, book II in the Sanctuary Series is slotted for March 28, 2014.

I am so very looking forward to sharing this book with you all.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Falling For You Cover Reveal!!!!!!

So happy to be able to do a cover reveal for my awesome friend Danielle Taylor! So excited for this book too!

The blurb:


Julia Burns can’t remember a day in her life when she didn’t have to work. So the ad in the paper sounds perfect to her – even if she does have to marry a complete stranger.

Nicholas Steele isn’t used to being around people since the accident that left him disfigured. Having a permanent house guest isn’t his idea of fun, however, the press would have a field day if they found he and his new wife weren’t residing together.

On paper, their ‘fake’ marriage fits both their needs, giving Nicholas a wife and Julia the security she's always dreamed of having. In reality, every moment Nicholas and Julia spend together brings them closer to falling for each other.

About the Author
Danielle Taylor is the author of the Captive Hearts Series and the WattPad sensation Falling for You, which broke 100,000 reads in less than a week.
You can find Danielle on: