Monday, October 27, 2014

Catching Up and Whatnot...

Yes...I know I am absolutely horrible about keeping up with my blog...

Good news though! I have received another contract through MuseItUp Publishing for the second book in the Guardian Chronicles! Entitled: The Keeper! yes, I am excited, so I have FOUR upcoming releases through Muse:

Books 4 and 5 in the Sanctuary Series Blind Walker and Jungle Walker and Books 1 and 2 in the Guardian Chronicles, Taming the Beat and The Keeper! I am excited!

But...the point of today's's a rant...I'm just a wee bit peeved.

I was approached on FaceBook about reviewing a book. No big deal it happens a lot among authors, a review for a review. Unfortunately I am backed up at the moment and am MONTHS behind on promised reviews which I feel absolutely horrible about AGAIN to those of you I am SO SO SO SO very sorry!

The deal is, I ask for honest reviews. I give honest reviews. If I for some reason can't give at least a four-star review I will not leave one, simply because I will not tear another author's work to shreds.

I was approached by another author today and asked to swap reviews, I explained I was backed up that I would have to decline.

This is his exact response:

"What do you mean you are late in reviews? Do you mean you are backed up in giving them or receiving them? You could just give me what you want me to say for your review and I'll put it up and I'll do the same. It'll take less than five minutes to post"

Uhm...To say that I am livid would be an understatement. I responded with this.

"I don't do that I ask for and give only honest reviews in return. If I can't give an honest four stars I won't post. Real things are preventing me from devoting time to read right now. I have seven that I have to review right now. And far more than I can remember that have neglected to leave reviews for me. So I've stopped swapping for reviews. Though I appreciate the offer."

"OK...thanks for your time."


Really? I am so angry I can't even properly vent here. I can promise that I will be giving this guys information to my author pals to warn them, but this is the kind of crap that gets good people thrown under the bus while we sit here and scratch our heads and wonder why these other books have all these reviews when ours sit here with hardly any...THIS IS WHY? BECAUSE THESE AUTHORS ARE WRITING THEIR FREAKING OWN DAMN REVIEWS ITS BULL!!!!!!!!!


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