Friday, December 5, 2014

Upcoming Release 12.12.2014 Blind Walker, Book IV, A Sanctuary Novel

It's been a while since I've been on apologies, things have been crazy and insane as usual in my world.

Blind Walker, Book IV, in the Sanctuary Series releases 12.12.2014! I totally forgot to share my cover and blurb! I also have a few really great promo and excerpts to share as well!

There are five rules for being a Were outside of the Run. 
1. Blend in.
2. Don’t harm the humans.
3. Don’t shift in public.
4. Keep the secret.
5. If you need help, call.
Iris Oakley is a Were-pantheress, turned body-guard for politicians and the Hollywood elite. She is good at her job, but trying to blend in with the humans and abandon her were-self creates a dangerous rift between the woman and the beast. Only one person can mend it, her life-mate.
Jaxon Naylor, a blind and scarred war-vet, with a passion for music, finds himself in need of an experienced bodyguard to a movie premiere. What he gets is the incredibly sexy Iris Oakley.
Together they discover a destiny that is far more than either had ever considered. Fate and justice do go hand in hand. Without one there is no other. Once these two come together, separating them comes with dire consequences.

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