Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dream Walker is Released!

Dream Walker is finally out! I will be doing a giveaway over the next few have to be familiar with the series. It will be trivia questions. Right now, I have posted on my Author like page on Facebook the three handmade bracelets that my younger sister and I put together. So hop on over, give my Facebook page a like.

And make sure you're familiar with all three of the Sanctuary Series books.

Walker's Run
Shadow Walker
and newly released, Dream Walker

There will also be a secret prize given! OOOPS, I didn't mention that one on Facebook.


Review for Love's Bitter Harvest By Jas T. Ward

 I reviewed Madness by Jas T. Ward last year and was definitely in love with her twist on the paranormal and her writing style in general. When she asked if I would consider reviewing Love's Bitter Harvest even though it wasn't of the PNR genre, I jumped at the chance.

Review for Love’s Bitter Harvest by Jas T. Ward

This is a love-story that is unique.

High school sweethearts, Matt and Katy marry and take over the family farm and live...happily ever after?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a unique story does it?

For Katy coming from a background where all she thought she craved was a family and nothing more, being with the love of her life and settling had seemed easy enough. But after four years, she was given the job opportunity of a lifetime in New York and Katy decided to jump on it when her husband didn’t attempt to stop her.

Matt, a prideful man, had let her go and in the process his life fell in shambles within four years after neglecting the farm and his life in general. Living his life with anger, hatred, and pain, caused Matt to become a shell of his former self. Then to make matters worse, another tragedy befalls him. Holding onto the anger seems to be all he has left.

The way this story is woven you feel both Katy and Matt’s pain, frustration, and anger.

I’m not easily brought to tears and I have to admit, I had to wipe away more than just a few reading through this story.

For what had originally started as a challenge to write outside of her comfort zone of the paranormal, Jas T. Ward has thrown down the gauntlet and proven her worth! Not many authors can successfully pull off a switch in genres, but in my opinion...she absolutely nailed it.